Write nospam
Dr. Zoidberg    2023-12-28 (09:21:58)

Or me maybe?

Major Malfunction    2023-12-27 (10:33:23)

@Wokened who me?

Wokened    2023-12-27 (08:18:20)

Are you still here?

Sid Vicious    2023-12-26 (00:49:25)


Headcrash    2023-12-25 (17:43:55)

Merry xmas!

Hunter    2023-12-25 (04:23:54)

Merry Christmas Yall!!

nyxyn    2023-12-25 (03:44:38)


emi    2023-12-23 (01:22:17)

its 01:21 am am so tired adn sad

admin of guestbook_admins    2023-12-22 (04:47:34)

hi, @guestbook_admin has been banned for posting the b-word. I apologize to anyone who was exposed to their deplorable messages. We cannot examine the claims of <banned-id> about @ilikemarmalade's unsolicited mountain b*ke pictures, as all our DM's are E2E encrypted. Please, use the report button, if you experience a similar issue. -a_o_g_a

guestbook_admin    2023-12-22 (04:39:32)

hi everyone, @robinpasqill has been banned for using the b-word in their posts. Know that we take our users' safety seriously. We apologize to anyone who has been offended and/or damaged by the user's mention of bikes.

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