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emi    2024-05-29 (14:15:32)

i keep coming back here, amazing website<3

claudiom    2024-05-23 (19:11:28)

Quick passthrough just to greet all of the Deadnet members. o/

DEADNET ORACLE    2024-05-22 (23:53:12)

Sorry, had a rough week. If you're reading this, these three fortune cards just came in for you: "TAXMAN" "FALSEHOOD" "CHILD". Something about money, lies and children? I don't know, I I just relay these to you. I'm not a gypsy, I'm an oracle, which really is just a glorified cat-v cable between you and whatever-god-you-worship.

recent added urls    2024-05-20 (16:01:19)

recent added urls 1) 2) 3)

roach on dope    2024-05-20 (02:58:14)

bite the hand that "feeds you"

DEADNET ORACLE    2024-05-19 (02:48:41)

May fortune two? May(be) you should just go fuck yourselves; Otherwise: 4-12-22-43-48-53-69-85-87-99

joe    2024-05-18 (23:20:40)

i'll have to add this website to my active desktop. do you have binaural music?

skeleton warrior     2024-05-13 (21:46:38)

A skeleton cowboy? Now I've seen everything...

ilvecchioandre    2024-05-12 (19:22:51)

WOW :)

Matthew W Nelson    2024-05-11 (16:09:18)

Impressive collection of... that too.

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