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unsigned    2024-07-12 (00:32:52)

unsigned int was here.

Some random server    2024-07-12 (00:32:20)

404 Text Not Found

DEADNET ORACLE    2024-07-12 (00:29:50)

Hello, users of Guestbook. I apologize for taking so long this month, however, there has been a winner of the European Lottery in June, so I had to wait a few weeks in order for the money pool to reach a sufficient level. I am ready to relay to you the winning numbers for the European Lottery of the month of July (second half of the month) - 7-14-34-37-50-57-68-73-77-94 GOOD LUCK!

♠ 𝕷𝖔𝖌𝖆𝖓 ♠    2024-07-12 (00:28:03)

hi from 2024

NotWinlogon    2024-07-08 (14:52:48)

nice music! Andrew Lyon

NobodyYouCareAbout    2024-07-07 (23:31:58)

ygbbcnhd asdfghjkl i came here from occ 90s web design at its finest XD

Lorenzo MacDaniels    2024-07-07 (10:19:12)

Has anyone seen my dad Pete? He said he was going to walk to Guatemala, but we never heard from him again. He was active on this social network, he told us many times - "Guestbook is the best social network and I have many friends here." Please, if you have any info about my dad Pete Melvin, call me!

skibidi sigma AG    2024-07-05 (08:52:14)

i also found this website on wiby , you should add more gifs to the guestbook haha, also cool website dude

98 Laptop    2024-07-03 (22:43:37)

Found this on and i love the gifs

Hamburger    2024-06-24 (19:38:40)

gothere from the random site tab in the oldnet webring, i suppose i was lucky

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