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Snoogle    2024-01-31 (14:29:15)

Heya! Found this site after it showed up as fastest mirror in Linux Mint. You beat out other mirrors by a wide margin. And your site, being compatible w. stone tablet browsers from 865 AD, just adds to the speeding experience. Nice job.

Webmaster    2024-01-24 (20:18:20)

Fun to see people finding their way over to this odd old outpost on the web. Thanks for all the comments!

Mike Tyson    2024-01-23 (18:19:17)

Hello, Deadnet Internet Services!

Winston    2024-01-23 (16:27:27)

Ended up here from Reddit. Glad to see some real Internet sites with worthy files.

acewindu    2024-01-21 (03:08:21)

this takes me back

Phoetus    2024-01-20 (22:31:25)

Greetings from Mega-Corp HQ! Excellent work and an absolute inspiration.

Riceballer    2024-01-20 (20:42:41)

This is a cool place! I had fun looking around <3

William    2024-01-18 (20:32:10)

Hello from sweden! I miss this old look of the internet! Hope everyone reading this has a fantastic day/evening :) Have a good one.

Mugsy    2024-01-18 (12:13:40)

Yo !

xX_AXEL_Xx     2024-01-17 (23:20:12)

this site is sic. Miss this sketchy look of internet (^ω^)

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