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deadmeme    2024-04-17 (03:56:40)

Echoing athenware here :)

athenware    2024-04-16 (01:31:37)

hey there! found this while searching around on wiby. Hope you have a nice life c:

IcyVulpix    2024-04-12 (22:55:22)

I've been looking for stuff for windows 98 for like half an hour and all I get is a bunch of cool webpages I can explore

Headcrash    2024-04-12 (21:34:40)

Holy fuck I won! Where do I collect my prize?

DEADNET GYPSY    2024-04-12 (21:26:38)

Actually DEADNET ORACLE had a typo in the number. Your lucky number is in fact 8.

DEADNET ORACLE    2024-04-12 (21:24:46)

My son ran our car into a tree the other night, so, and I hate to do this, I'm gonna have to take the European Lottery money for myself this month. HOWEVER, I consulted my friend, the DEADNET GYPSY, and she told me to share with you a lucky number! So, if you are reading this, your lucky number for April is: 43943983599201!

frusty bosh    2024-04-12 (05:19:23)


James Allen    2024-04-11 (22:41:08)

howdy doo

mrcf     2024-04-10 (16:39:11)

signed by cf

true gamer    2024-04-08 (23:02:53)


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