Write nospam
Calzone Man    2024-01-13 (02:49:43)

Came here from Wiby

ali-en    2024-01-12 (11:26:00)

Very nice seeing a part of the web like this. Sadly, the modern web is now swallowed by the modern Evil Corps. like Goole, M$, etc., and people do not know how beautiful and free and interesting and trashy it used to be. Preserve this at any cost! Happy surfing :)

Pizza lady    2024-01-12 (03:35:14)

Coming at ya fresh from 2024

The Tux up in the GNU/Linux button to the right    2024-01-08 (19:12:02)

This server, mostly! It's running inside of me. Wow, ok, that's a little gross, but you know! Penguin power!

em    2024-01-08 (18:03:16)

this is quite interesting.. what's up

Maley Sheepek    2024-01-08 (14:18:08)

Don't tell my mom I'm on this website.

Dwight K. Shrute    2024-01-07 (22:08:17)

Who is the tallest beet farmer in North Dakota, and why is his name Mose

Meed Swoker    2024-01-06 (14:42:25)

quick lasagna recipe without cheese easy lasagna without cheese cheesless lasagna recipe easy food delivery

John    2024-01-03 (22:05:52)

Hi from the Tor Browser.

Headcrash    2023-12-31 (22:26:28)

Happy new year! Hack the planet!

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